About Us

A Warm Welcome from all of us

Management and staff of EVEREST INSTITUTE would like to extend a very warm welcome to all its new students. Everest Institute delivers a diverse range of internationally recognized and fully accredited courses that provide students with entry opportunities to quality universities both in Australia and overseas.

EVEREST INSTITUTE is committed to high standards in the provision of vocational education and training, and other student services. We strive to assist students in achieving the best possible outcomes in a happy, congenial atmosphere. Every endeavour will be made by staff to accommodate your individual needs.

Everest Institute’s programs will be distinctive in supporting education for all stages of life, with an emphasis on work-integrated learning and preparing its students for successful and adaptive careers in the professions and emerging professions. Our students will possess the discipline knowledge, professional skills, intercultural competence and personal attributes to become winners in their areas of work and deliver a sustainable future.

We sincerely hope your time at the institute is a memorable and productive learning experience.

​We wish you all the best in your studies!


At Everest Institute we place emphasis on skills and knowledge that will allow graduates to continue learning and adjusting through a lifetime of social and technological change. Through our education system and processes, we aim to contribute to the building of productive and sustainable students and industry communities committed to innovation and growth.

Our employees share in the growth and success of the institution, through the distribution or accumulation of some of our annual surpluses. This provides for the renewal and security of the institute, the development of our staff and a quality learning environment. We aim to achieve our vision by recruiting the best employees, using the best resources and facilities and linking our institute closely with industry partners to ensure our training is the most relevant and up to date it can be.


OUR AIM IS TO BE THE BEST VET EDUCATION PROVIDER The vision of EVEREST INSTITUTE is to aim to become the best Vocational Education and Training provider in Victoria. An institution which everyone who has been associated with us since our foundation will be proud of. We want students to study with us because of Everest’s reputation, quality, commitment and the value attached to our qualifications, as well as the quality and relevance of our courses. We want employers to value our students for precisely the same reason.

Our aim is to provide transformative educational experiences and opportunities to all our students irrespective of their stage in life and origin. We acknowledge education as being vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and crucial in promoting the individual’s sense of worth, values, and high ethical standards.


Ei has ambitious strategies for its growth to be able to become the Best VET Education and Training, Provider. Our campuses in Victoria will be the engines from which we will provide Vocational Education and Training directly to our local and international student communities, industry groups and employers.
Everest Institute will be competitive within Australia through improved opportunities and outcomes for students and employers and courses created with industry consultation, participation and needs

  • Brand and position Everest Institute as a high quality VET training provider.
  • Innovate, expand and improve learning opportunities at Everest Institute on a continuous basis.
  • Become truly international in delivery, culture and outlook that can thrive in a new era of globalised industry opportunities