SITHFAB025 - Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee



The unit, SITHFAB025 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee, describes the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge required to extract and serve espresso coffee beverages using commercial espresso machines and grinders.

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SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety


Food and Beverage




This unit requires the ability to advise customers on coffee beverages, select and grind coffee beans, prepare and assess espresso coffee beverages, and use, maintain, and clean espresso machines and grinders. Complex repairs of equipment would be referred to specialist service technicians.

SITHFAB024 Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages covers prepare coffee beverages using other methods.

SITHFAB025 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee applies to:

  • any hospitality organization that serves espresso coffee beverages, including cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, function, and event venues
  • espresso machine operators who operate with some level of independence and under limited supervision

This skill in this unit must be applied following Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards, and industry codes of practice.

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  1. Organise coffee workstation
  2. Select and grind coffee beans
  3. Advise customers and take espresso coffee orders
  4. Extract and monitor the quality of espresso
  5. Undertake milk-texturing process
  6. Serve espresso coffee beverages
  7. Clean espresso equipment


Reading skills to:
  • interpret organizational documents or diagrams that relate to:
  • safety data sheets (SDS) and product instructions for cleaning chemicals
  • organizational procedures for operating, cleaning, and maintaining equipment
  • read beverage menus and standard recipes for espresso coffee beverages
Writing skills to:
  • use legible handwriting and accurate spelling to write orders and basic notes on customer preferences
Oral communication skills to:
  • use active listening and open and closed probe questioning to determine customer preferences and offer suitable products
Numeracy skills to:
  • visually estimate amounts of milk and make adjustments to doses of ground coffee
Planning and organizing skills to:
  • sequence the preparation of beverages and their components to efficiently serve customers
Problem-solving skills to:
  • identify deficiencies in espresso extraction and make adjustments to ensure a quality product
  • monitor the operational efficiency of an espresso machine and adjust use during coffee beverage preparation
Technology skills to:
  • use coffee grinders and espresso machines, and identify faults and maintenance issues as they arise

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